Where the Water Meets the Sky




Commissioned by Camfed 'Where the Water Meets the Sky' documents the journey of a group of women in rural Zambia who learn filmmaking as a way to speak out about the injustices in their lives. Many in the group could not read and write but this class of 23 women learn to shoot a film that portrays a subject of their own choosing.

The documentary is narrated by Morgan Freeman and the script is by the writer of 'March of the Penguins', Jordan Roberts.

This initiative changed the lives of the women involved and provided the impetus to launch See Change Films.

"Striking and poignant... Where the Water Meets the Sky demonstrates the power of technology and media to transform individuals and villages alike, allowing hushed topics to rise to the surface, and into a public domain."

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The aim of the project was to teach 23 women to produce, direct and shoot a film about a subject of their own choosing and to document this process on film.

What unfolded over two and half week was extraordinary. The women produced a film on the issue of HIV/AIDS - a subject rarely spoken about in public and particularly not by women. They became advocates, showing their film to thousands of people across their community and opening up the dialogue around this taboo issue. One of the outcomes of the film screenings was that the local clinic reported a 65% increase in the numbers of young people going to be tested for HIV/AIDS.

The women in the group became friends, colleagues and activists and went on to produce an award-winning documentary 'Hidden Truth' about domestic violence which has been shown around the world. Their next documentary  will be about child marriage, which is due to be filmed later this year.


  • Shown in 81 Countries
  • Broadcast worldwide
  • Screened at multiple film festivals
  • Winner at Jackson Hole Film Festival
  • Shown at over 500 schools
  • Shown to Unicef and the World Bank
  • Penelope, who features in the film, has spoken on platforms around the world, including at the World Economic Forum in Dar es Salaam and the Commonwealth Secretariat in London
  • Abigail, one of the film trainees, is now a Youth Adviser to Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.