Tell us about your background.

I am a patent attorney, and have worked in intellectual property for about 30 years now. I am a partner in one of the leading London firms in that area. In terms of charity support, I was on the board of the musical charity Harrow Young Musicians for years, supporting youngsters who could not necessarily otherwise afford music training, by teaching them to play as part of an orchestra. Apart from that, I like anything outdoors - walking, running, surfing, cycling.

What do you do with See Change Films?

I have a set of skills based on having worked in this field for a long time, and I have a wide network of contacts that generally are at the top of their professions. So I’d like to invest some time and energy with those skills and network into supporting SCF however I can, helping Helen reflect on her ideas and to achieve the things she wants to achieve.

Why did you get involved with See Change Films?

I was introduced to Helen when SCF was still in its early stages, and I immediately saw she has an amazing insight into something that can really help give people a voice. Around the same time my then 16-year-old son managed to join her on one of the projects, and since he found it such an enjoyable experience, I started to think I’d really like to do something for See Change Films.

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

If I literally had a magic wand, I would like to make everybody see the good potential they each own. We all have amazing potential, but only such a small proportion of people even understand they have it, far less reach it.

Virginia Driver   

Advisory Board Member