Hear from some of the wonderful people we have worked with and what they have to say about their experience of working with us.


From Our Trainees and Mentors

“It’s been a massive thing for me to start and complete a project like this. It is thanks to the See Change team I was able to finish a short documentary with my daughters. It feels wonderfull; I have been able to voice my ideas and thoughts."
-Salima, See Change Graduate

“Filmmaking has brought me out of my shell. I’ve been a very shy person my whole life but now I have the courage to speak to different people, and I actually really enjoy it!”
-Linda, See Change Graduate & Chair of Alumni Network

“The whole course was a great experience. I really built my technical filmmaking skills and gained new knowledge. What made it really special was that I was learning together with my children - we had to learn to plan together, stick to schedules and complete tasks together.”
Olivera, See Change Graduate

“My experience here has not only taught me filmmaking skills but has also made me more interested in the world around me.  I think the film-training process helps people to change the way they think. You become more aware of what’s going around you and in the media, and you don’t want to be silent about it.
Al-Kabir, See Change Graduate & Deputy Chair of Alumni Network

“I have Attention Deficit Disorder, and a few years ago I would have definitely said no to something like this. But my experience here changed a lot of things. Gradually I have become more confident and started really enjoying filming and being filmed.”
-Cleon, See Change Graduate & Mentor

“Coming up with different ideas for the film and interviews was a lot of fun - this experience has taught me to think outside the box. I also really enjoyed interviewing different people for our film, and the challenge of trying to draw them in with your questions. I will definitely use these skills later on; they are essential life skills!”
Abdul, See Change Graduate

From Our Training and Production Partners

“The way See Change Films works is characterised by integrity, respect and collaboration. They show respect for the audience, for the group that is being filmed and everyone in the community. It’s this approach, I think, that enables their team to build trust with the people they are filming.”
-Catherine Boyce, Director of Enterprise Development, Camfed

“Working with See Change Films was fantastic from start to finish. There was lots of communication and talking through ideas - the team were really good at listening to what we wanted, and also coming up with ideas that would capture our aims and objectives.”
-Selina Bartlett, Community Fundraiser, Orpheus Centre

“What stood out in working with See Change Films was how they always went the extra mile for each training session, and worked hard to listen to and include all the young people in the sessions.”
-Emma Balogun, Senior Practicioner, Youth Offending Team of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC)

“I have seen a new sense of accomplishment in the young people involved in the filming project. Having their voices heard and respected - you just see a new confidence in them.”
-Elaine Weldon, Team Manager, Youth Offending Team, RBKC

“It’s amazing to see families coming together more as the result of the course, communicating better, and just improving the relationships they have as family.”
-Madeleine Quin, Deputy Manager, Families Forward (RBKC)

“See Change Films created a fantastically powerful story through the medium of film to warn young people about the danger of getting their license and drink driving. I think it really gets across the seriousness of what we were trying to convey.”
-Matthew Poll, Commercial Director, More Than

“I think the series of films in 'Every Child Belongs in School' are absolutely stunning and an incredible resource to have available to us, both for the seasonal appeal and beyond.”
-Lucy Lake, CEO, Camfed


“Working with See Change Films was a real collaboration - being a charity themselves they bring in a lot of ideas, they know a lot of people and partners that can contribute to the project, so the end product was really rich because of working with them.”
-Natalie Tickle, Charity and Community Manager, RSA Insurance Group

“The films really add to the way we tell our story. The fact that the films were made by the families themselves gives them a real authenticity. It was also great to see how the families’ communications improved and the young people noticeably grew in confidence.”
-John Kinnear, Family Holiday Association