See Change Pioneers
A Huge Thank You...

If you would like to become a See Change Pioneer, you can make your own contribution by clicking the button below. Thank you!


To our inaugural See Change Pioneers for their generous donations and for showing faith in the work that we do.

With your support we can make many wonderful things happen - from reaching out to new communities, and setting up more training initiatives to supporting our alumni and organising community screenings. And by helping us to run our film and photography training you are also helping more participants gain the skills and confidence to become champions of change in their own lives and that of their communities.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Ann Cotton - Virginia Driver - Bailey Fisher -Jon Hancock - Soraya Jones - Deborah Latham - Robert Marshall - Lee Maughan - Roz Mays - Mills and Reeve - Martin Milward - Ciaran O'Kane - C.J O'Kane - Matt Poll - RSA Insurance - Claire Ruskin - Peter Singleton -Chris Smart - Sarah Smart - Christopher Townsend.


To many others who are helping us with our work in ways big and small.