Jonty Perchard

Co-trainer, Advisory Board Member

Tell us about your background
I work for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea as a Lead Family Activities Coordinator in a team called Families Forward. That means I am working towards creating and facilitating exciting and interesting projects for families to do together. Previously I have worked in psychiatric hospitals, with homeless charities, in prison hospitals and in children’s homes – I started working at Families Forward in order to try and stop people from being looked after. I enjoy climbing mountains and reading fiction..

What is your role working with See Change Films?
I bring the families with me to the film-training projects and support them along the way. I want to give people the chance to experience the power of filmmaking, and through that help families discover new strengths and stories about themselves.

Why did you get involved with See Change Films
It all started with me doing a course in family therapy – we were talking about how everyone sees the world with different lenses, and I started thinking about ways for the families I was working with to tell their stories through their own ‘lenses’. I contacted a few filmmakers before I came across See Change Films and Helen; she was the first one who understood what I wanted to do.

If you could change one thing what would it be?
I wish that everyone could just be a bit happier with themselves.