Hidden Truth




Commissioned by Camfed ‘Hidden Truth’ explores issues around domestic violence through the stories of five women who have all survived emotional, psychological and physical trauma. Their experiences highlight the need for better legislation to protect victims of domestic violence in Zambia. 

The documentary was filmed by the Samfya Women Filmmakers – the filmmaking group who were featured in ‘Where the Water Meets the Sky’ - who use film as a way to challenge injustices in their community and advocate for change.

"In a culture where women have traditionally been discouraged from expressing their opinions, these brave filmmakers are opening up unprecedented dialogue on the issue."

Ann Cotton, Founder & President, Camfed


In a country where more than half of Zambian women over the age of 15 have suffered physical abuse and where women are discouraged from speaking out, 'Hidden Truth' provides insight into a world that is rarely exposed. The film calls for greater legislative support for women living through domestic violence. 

By talking frankly about these issues that are all to often unspoken, this film aims to break open a taboo and has provided an important lobbying tool for change.


  • The documentary has been shown to 160,000 people in rural Africa 
  • It has been screened at 9 international film festivals 
  • It won Best Documentary at the Zanzibar International Film Festival 
  • It toured with the San Francisco Women’s Film Institute 
  • It has been shown to Parliamentarians in Zambia 
  • It has been broadcast on the TV in the UK and Ghana