Final Edition Productions (Family Time)

Families Forward



Families Forward worked with See Change Film to run a film training programme over 4 months. The trainees, now known as Final Edition Productions, filmed, directed and edited a 25-minute documentary called Family Time.


The aim of this project was to provide film training to some of the most at risk families living in the Borough of Kensington Chelsea - families who had been known to children's and young people's services over a number of years. 

Over 4 months the families, who call themselves Final Edition Productions, worked together to produce the 25-minute documentary, Family Time. The process helped to unlock their creative potential, break-down negative patterns of behaviour, build their confidence and provide them with the skills to shoot, direct and edit their first documentary.


  • 11 people trained in film production 
  • A 25-minute documentary produced which documents the journey of the families 
  • 5 members of the group are now working as mentors
  • Linda Charles, one of the participants from the group, is the Chair of the Alumni  
  • The documentary has been distributed online, screened at Awareness Festival in Florida and will be broadcast on the Community Channel.