The Family Holiday Association


The Family Holiday Association is a charity which supports families facing challenges such as severe illness, abuse or bereavement by giving them a day out somewhere or a short break at the seaside. The Family Holiday Association commissioned See Change Films to train a group of families in filmmaking, and to produce four short documentaries about the benefits of spending time away together a s a family.

“Nine out of ten times we don’t get to see the families enjoying their breaks. It’s really gratifying to see the impact getting away from everyday life can have on the families we work with. The fact that the families produced these final films is brilliant for us as an organisation. ”
-John Kinnear, Programme Manager at Family Holiday Association


The Family Holiday Association wanted to produce four short films that highlight the huge difference holidays can make to the lives of struggling families.

Training the families in filmmaking and teaching them to document their own experience resulted in high-quality films that show the impact of the work that Family Holiday Association does, and add value to their communications. The training process also gave their clients a valuable experience in filmmaking and helped the families gain new skills, improve their communication and grow in confidence.


  • 11 people trained in filmmaking
  • 4 short documentaries produced which document the holiday experiences of the families
  • The documentaries are used in presentations and on the website of the Family Holiday Association
  •  As the result of working with See Change Films, the Family Holiday Association has adopted a more user-generated content approach in their communications