Exchanging Places

RSA Insurance Group and produced in conjunction the Metropolitan Police Service and Transport for London



A road safety film enabling London cyclists and lorry drivers to experience the city’s roads from each other’s perspectives.

“Very, very good! Super professional, informative, balanced and engaging. I love it!
All participants were really authentic and come across so well.”

Peter Collins, Group & UK Head of Corporate Responsibility, RSA


The aim of ‘Exchanging Places’ was to highlight the shared responsibility of Heavy Goods Vehicles and cyclists when it comes to road safety. The film sees a driver and cyclist swap places so that they can experience the road from one another’s perspectives. 

The number one cause of serious crashes in London involving cyclists involves Heavy Goods Vehicles. This short film highlights a shared responsibility to using the roads safely. It has been distributed widely online and screened by the Metropolitan Police Service at a number of road safety events across the city.


  • Viewed over 30,000 on YouTube 
  • Helped to increase the understanding of road safety 
  • Screened by the Metropolitan Police Service at a range of road safety events
  • Featured as part of the road safety campaign in the Evening Standard