Bahareh Hosseni

Senior Associate, Trainer & Director of Photography

Tell us about your background
I’m an Iranian filmmaker and photographer based in London. Born in Tehran, I have shot and directed award- winning documentaries in Afghanistan, Pakistan, across Africa and in the UK for broadcasters and charities.

Why did you get involved with See Change Films? 
I have a passion for making films and I believe in the power of film as a tool for change. We at See Change films share that passion and can use our skills in a positive way.

If you could change one thing what would it be? 
I would change the restrictions and limitations on freedom of speech and freedom of self expression in societies were people suffer in oppression. There’s nothing like being able to express oneself without the fear of persecution. There will be many more amazing films, photos, books and works of arts in the world if people were free to be who they are. I want to share the freedom I have now with film-makers, photographers and artists who aren’t able to make their voices heard as a result of oppression and restrictions in their societies.